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Mindfulness Wellbeing teachings present you with a path that takes you on an inner journey of  self empowerment and discovery.The goal of this process is to restore balance and harmony to your inner relationship and how it relates to your outer world. In this mindful way you learn how to nurture your inner connection and self realize your own unique individual path to self empowerment and success.

To achieve this and sustain this awareness in your life path you must  first find your own unique individual authentic self within. Many look outside and turn to teachers and create gurus when all the time the power to transform and heal lies within each for us waiting to be called upon to work for us.

When we step beyond this dependency to create an outer Idol/role model we quickly self realize our own unique  path of Illuminated Integration and self empowerment.

Mindful practice teaches us how to manifest a more practical  self sustainable Stillness Within mindset that blends our mindful practice into our daily life.This Mindful practice when applied  enhances your quality of life  reducing and eliminating stress while supporting  you in becoming a more positive creative individual.

 We are all connected by the web of life spun by a Universal connecting Love Being of Higher Power. To day. Quantun Science is now finally admitting that there is something else out there that holds everything together. I call this the Gods Glue.To the Druids its was called the Awen. The First Nations Medicine people of America called it the Web of life  or Sacred Hoop.Eastern teachers call  it  Chi. It can also be described as Love.This connection is something we humans  crave for as a basic need. As the Beatles once sang all you need is Love. When we hold space for people to gather in a harmoniously balanced environment it enhances our ability to access this love connection.
I call this connection the Souls Illumination Integration Process.When achieved it moves us collective beyond ourselves to a higher place of mindful comunally connected balance and harmony of Mind Body and Soul in communion with all creation.The Illumination process take us to a place of constant change challenge to go within and sit with ourselves and our shadow, a place of deep learning in self awareness and responsibility that requires us to constantly evolve grow and  explore new experiences joy and Illumination.

Mindfulness Wellbeing encourages engagement in an integrated  hands-on way.This approach fosters Inner Peace, Personal growth and Spiritual connection.Through this work I constantly promote how vitally important positive reinforcement is in developing a positive self-image that we need before we can manifest a sustainable integrated positive life experience. We all desire an environment that supports free expression and stimulates learning development and personal growth, fulfillment and happiness for all. Most importantly when teaching I like to promote the constant need we have to create more fun! in life. With this in mind I facilitates Fire Ceremonies Sacred Rites of Passage for teenagers, Drum n Dance trance evenings, Stillness Within (Mindfulness Wellbeing / Meditation,Stress busting  days and Mindful Wellbeing Get away De-stress, Detox rejuvinate Retreat weekends.I look forward to meeting you at one soon . 
Be Well Dermot

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