Dermot O'Hara

 Dermot O'Hara   FROM IRELAND 

Visionary Storyteller Actor Singer Songwriter Author and Grandfather

am a naturally born intuitively evolved empathic Spiritual Gatekeeper of Illumination. I have worked my craft in private practice for over 30 years here in Ireland and abroad. My awareness came to me following a period of traumatic events in my life. I work my Craft as an intuitive empathic channel allowing my body to be used for the sacred healing presence of light to pass from the highest vibration of Illuminating Love to create the Core Illumination Integration process of Healing. Work with me and learn how to anchor this sacred alchemy deep within your consciousness and fully integrate it mindfully within the present moment of your reality. This process work has the power to manifest real positive change within and around you.
I have been actively promoting and teaching Goddess work worldwide for almost 20 years now. I decided long ago as part of my own personal healing journey to dedicate my work to recovering the sacred Sile na Gig alchemy of my ancestors in the form of Celtic Goddess Brigit and Mother Mary. My first encounter of the presence of the Goddess in my life was through her Illuminating Flame as she revealed herself to me in a vision.
This ancient Celtic Alchemy of Fire wisdom was held sacred by my ancestors from deep within our land carried down through my family for over 14 generations. Brigit’s Flame of Illumination is a powerful process of deep core healing for all who learn how to hold their Sacred Core space between Earth and Sky. This craft and ancient wisdom was held sacred by my Ancestors as they worked it from deep within our land for the past 14 generations. Our Sacred sites connect us all to our Ancestral lineage that was held Sacred in Ireland for many Generations.
The stones carry the healing wisdom and memories of our troubled past here in Ireland. When we learn how to integrate healing power within we can begin the journey of Ancestral Family Healing. This is one layer of work that we can in time learn to heal and release as we illuminate further on our integrated path to harmony of Mind and Body. I am the 15th Generation (over 1000 years) of crafts people in my family to work Goddess Brigit’s Sacred Flame of Illumination. Just as my Ancestors did working the craft of the Blacksmith I too have practised this Craft in many lifetimes. I am a teacher of vast experience in my craft guiding others to unfold their own true unique individual path of self empowerment and self healing. The role I play in my craft is that of a Gatekeeper, Mentor or Guide to others who wish to unfold their own true individual unique path to self empowerment and self healing. These days I am regularly invited abroad to work at International Goddess healing festivals each year. In 2001 was appointed an International Advisor to the Indigenous Education Institute in the U.S.
My Illumination took place following a series of traumatic events in the early part of my life. These events triggered my re-wakening and over the following years revealed to me my highly empathic ability. This awareness allowed my body to be used to release pain from others with the sacred healing presence of Illumination. This part of my Craft took me many years to integrate as it passed a very powerful healing energy from the highest vibration of Illuminating Love through me. I named my Craft Advanced Core Illumination Integration Healing.

My process of Illumination took me through a transitional integration period of almost 10 years. During this time I was taken on a daily inner quest journey as I learnt how to deal with the intensity of my inner process and the impact my external perception of reality was having on me. Over these years I was regularly taken into a deep core purging of blocked energy that manifested through psychical pain in my body. This pain was triggered each time I unknowingly took sickness through myself from others. Each time this happened I was regressed back into old cellular memories of trauma stored in my body at a deep unconscious Core level. During this period I struggled constantly for my sanity as I unknowing brought home Demons to add to my own Demons of deep dark depression and suicide ideation that followed. This energy constantly shifted my own repressed memories of abuse and bullying and it would rise to the surface for healing. My anxiety intensified and so did the panic attacks that now had become a daily occurrence. I spent this time on long term unemployment benefit as I struggled to rebuild my world. I call this my time of living with the Devil as I desperately tried to maintain some sense of balance within and around me. These were my darkest days and nights of the soul that led me on the path I walk today. Back then I had no way of knowing that I was on a journey of inner healing and learning that would reopen me to the craft I practice today. As we often say in the craft Physician heal thy self and this is what I had unknowingly set out to achieve back then. On more than one occasion I went so low that I was almost evicted onto the streets of Dublin. Back then I did not realise that I was on the path of the Apprentice questing for a spiritual soul recovery within myself. A large part of my inner journey was guided for me through dreams and visions as I sought out my healing path to recovery.

This work uncovered my path from other ancient times to resurrect the ancient healing practice of my Craft. From there I entered a deep darkness as I struggled to process and integrate my new awakening awareness. This new awareness required me to balance my Conscious/ Unconscious Masculine/ Feminine Emotional Spiritual Psychical bodies and anchor it all within my conscious mind to support the manifestation of a harmoniously illuminated relationship within myself .This quickly became my inner battle of Shadow and Light as I struggled to keep grounded .This deeply intense process of Integration took me on an inner journey of healing and learning as I was awakened to the ancient Craft I would eventually learn to practice again.

Developing my Craft took many years for me to process and to integrate consciously to manifest consciously within me my sense of self / soul awareness. I had to deal with many ancestral shadows and demons as part of this process. A lot of damage had been done to us Irish down through the generations and it was passed on to me like a dark wet sack dropped over my head blocking my inner vision. We Irish are a land loving people but we were taught to see our healing craft as the Devils work. Because of these fear based teachings many like myself became deeply disturbed with the inner conflict of disconnection from our Spiritual source and the outer teachings of this vile corrupt religion.

One of the most important stages of my craft is called Ancestral Family Healing. I first presented this back 12 years ago as part of my Craft in the RDS Mind Body Spirit show of 2007. I believe this is an essential part of our individual and collective Spiritual recovery as a Nation of Land loving people of the Goddess. Our Sacred sites connect us all to our Ancestral Lineage back to a time here in Ireland when we held the earth as Sacred in the form of the Goddess. Back then our Goddess awareness was represented and honoured through the sacred Sile Na Gig symbol. These of course like our craft were destroyed in many churches and our wisdom buried with them.

Today I teach people how to reconnect to this repressed wisdom of the Goddess through Brigit’s Flame of Illumination Workshops and Ancestral Family Healing process. These are just two of a four stage of the Illumination healing process I developed over the past 30 years within the Craft I work. This ancient wisdom of the craft I possess was held sacred by my ancestors from deep within our land for the past 14 generations here in Ireland. As my Craft gradually revealed itself to me through my practice of Goddess awareness I quickly saw how others sickness could enter my body energetically. I then had to develop the ability to release it and learn how to surrender my body in Ceremony to be used for the sacred healing presence of Illumination to pass freely through me. As the years passed I began to learn how the process involved passing a powerful healing energy from the highest vibration of Illuminating Love to create the Advanced Core Illumination Integration process of Healing through my body. Over time I learned how to manifest and sustain my inner awareness of stillness to calm and support my mind and body from within while this process went through me. When I managed to achieve this I would drop deeply into a body numbing trance like state of ecstasy. Unknowingly while trying to recover and heal myself I was reawakening my intuitive empathic healing skills to channel this Craft through me to now help others.

My healing process involved me learning how to release energy and physical pain from my body as it intensified. It appeared that the more I pursued my recovery the worse I became .It always felt like one step forward and ten more back into the darkness. As I pressed forward through those early years of darkness I was in constant physical pain. I had opened a Spiritual Gateway through which many abilities and levels of self awareness were revealed to me. Little did I know all those years ago that my accumulation of traumatic life events that drove me into a deep soul loss place of dark depression would eventually lead me the path I now walk to-day.
A large part of my inner journey of evolving was guided for me through my dreams and visions as I uncovered my path from other lifetimes to the Ancient Craft that I work today. During my quest for answers I accessed and developed many different modalities of soul work as part of my recovery. Since that time I have continuously observed closely the inner process of the conscious unconscious development of our higher self awareness and how it can best be initiated and re-awakened to support the individual to integrate and manifest positive change.

The Craft I practice is a powerful catalyst of change. My role as a Gatekeeper is to challenge the initiate to step into their unique individual identity and reclaim their inner power of Stillness. As we achieve this it presents us with the opportunities to manifest a path of lasting integrated Healing. When we enter our process of growth and healing we are confronted by our need to change and why we are resisting. I call this driving the car with the handbrake on. Resistance or as I like to call it the handbrake often presents to us our unconscious fears as we come face to face with our inner unconscious wall of fear.
Through my early life experiences I was challenged to develop many skills to achieve my sense of balance and harmony between my mind body and soul. I learned how to conquer my anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem, suicide ideation and depression. This insight and personal experience allows me to truly connect on a deep soul level with those who seek me out for support and recovery from their past. I work to support teach and guide others through their own unique inner Vision Quest journey to find and release their handbrake. The purpose of the Craft is to illuminate the awareness of self empowerment and to share with others how to access a place of inner peace, mental health and spiritual growth. I am the Gatekeeper, I know the way as I walk the path of the wounded healer every day.

My first professional work began in a Holistic Centre in Terenure as a Holistic Healer. This is where I began to develop and teach my Discover the Stillness Within Meditation Process. From here I went on set up the Clondalkin Holistic Healing Centre in the suburbs of Dublin in 1993. Back then I recognized the great need for this facility in my area. From there I went on to share and teach the awareness of Inner Stillness throughout Ireland and launched my first cassette of Discovering the Stillness Within Programme of Workshops and Classes nationwide. This was the first programme of its kind involving the process of Ancestral family healing, Integrated cognitive mindful thought and emotion process work of its kind in Ireland. Most of this work evolved through what my clients presented in my residential weekend workshops over a period of 19 years. Since my own recovery took place back in the 80's I have always wanted to assist others in achieving the same breakthroughs in their own soul/ higher self recovery process as I had. To this end, I was motivated to open the first complete Holistic Healing Centre providing the widest range of therapies ever under one roof in Ireland for the community of the South West Dublin.

Later in the '90s, I went to New York with the idea of twinning the Clondalkin Centre with the Source of Light Centre in Manhattan. The plan was to bring over therapists from the US to work with us in Ireland and vica versa to improve the standards here. In 2000 I moved the Centre to South William Street in Dublin city centre. I renamed the centre The Sacred Hoop Healing Lodge in honour of the famous Lakota holy man Black Elk. I stayed there until 2009 and continued to develop my work by opening the Rainbow Medicine Lodge in Athlone in 2001. Many will remember this venue from the late Gerry Ryan's radio show when we had the official opening live on air with Brenda O'Donoghue.

My intention in creating this space was to set up a Healing Therapy Retreat Centre that would maintain a safe sacred place of refuge for those recovering from Depression, Suicide Ideation, Domestic violence, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Sexual Abuse. Back then there were not many safe places people could go to deal with these issues in Ireland. Up until then the need for this work was still deeply hidden and buried in collective denial. Many victims were still being manipulated and controlled by shame and fear within a corrupt system of damage limitation carried out in Ireland. This is gradually changing from those early dark days here in Ireland and the parish priest is no longer speaking down from his pulpit condemning my work as that of the Devil. With the passing of time and hindsight more light is now shining on this dark evil area of ancestral soul loss as we slowly recover from our Nations horribly damaged past.

Over the years my own personal recovery and the development of my Craft has taken me to many places worldwide including New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Diego and as far north as The Northern Yukon Territories in Canada. I have worked and taught in sacred ceremonial space with many indigenous healers among their communities abroad to hone my Craft while observing them in their practice. As one Indigenous Medicine Woman once said to me I am told not to try and teach you anything. I am just to let you watch me as I work and you will remember what you already know. In recognition of my work I was nominated in 2001 as an International adviser to the Indigenous Education Institute in the US.

My work today holds within it Goddess awareness in the form of Sil n Gig Celtic Goddess Brigit and Mother Mary as sacred. This awareness was nurtured from our Ancestors deeply connected expression of love for our land through the ancient Sacred Sites. Our relationship with the land and its importance are highlighted all over our island through the construction of these Ancient Sacred sites, Sile Na Gigs, Stone Grottos to Mother Mary and Celtic Goddess Brigit’s Wells. These ancient sites some of which are over 5000 year old highlight the importance of our ancestors gave to their relationship with Goddess awareness in the form of Mother Earth being a sacred presence within the land of the Tuatha De Danann. The ancient sites are Gateways that hold unlimited power to connect us all to our Ancestral lineage for healing and recovery of our ancient spiritual beliefs that were held so Sacred by the people of Ireland for many Generations.

Today you will see Stone Grottos all over Ireland dedicated to Mother Mary. This I believe is the collective manifestation of our Goddess Blessed Mother awareness within the psyche of our people reaching out to embrace her from deep beneath a repressive anti Goddess influences of a foreign religion. We as a people are a deeply Spiritual race require expression of our spiritual desire to honour our Goddess awareness as a vital part of our innate ancient spiritual awareness as a nation. To support the reawakening of this awareness I published Brigits Celtic Calendar of Illumination and established Birgit’s Celtic Grove of Illumination in 1995.

The stone people carry all the memories and wisdom of our ancient spiritual teachers. It is all stored there for us to reconnect and download to heal our disconnected troubled collective past here in Ireland. Through our ancient Sacred Sites we learn how to heal our broken relationship to rebuild our deep Spiritual Soul connection to our land of Ireland. This will heal and reconnect us to our ancient Spiritual ways of the land to support us all to remember and release our collective soul loss of denial and fear through Goddess awareness. I believe we all need to heal this individually and collectively deep within our Core and around us in our communities as we return to our birthright of a deeply Spiritual Nation of people.

Through this we will learn to release and illuminate further to harmonize our Mind Body and Soul connection as we learn how to Illuminate and integrate this healing power within. From this work we can continue the journey of Ancestral Family Healing to free the coming generations. This I believe is another layer of work that we will in time learn to heal and release as we illuminate further on our integrated path to harmonize our Mind Body and Soul within and around us.

I am the 15th Generation (over 1000 years) of crafts people in my family to work the Flame of Brigit. Just as my Ancestors did working the Craft of the Blacksmith for many generations past. During my quest for answers and soul Illumination, I accessed many different modalities of soul healing work to simply achieve some peace of mind on my way to my recovery. Over the past 30years I have closely observed the inner process of the conscious unconscious development of my higher self awareness and how it can best be initiated and re-awakened to support my clients and students to integrate and manifest positive change in their daily lives.

I invite you to work with me and learn how to anchor this sacred alchemy deep within your consciousness. Learn from me how to fully integrate this awareness mindfully within the present moment of your reality to heal your life. This process work has the power to manifest a positive change within and around you. Come and learn from me how to illuminate and securely Integrate this Sacred Core space within. This process passes from the highest vibration of Illuminating Love to create the Core Illumination Integration process within the Craft I work with today.

Over the years my work has continued to grow as I am called to travel the world more and more sharing my guiding insights and support with others seeking Healing and Guidance on their Human path as Spiritual Beings of Illuminated light.Each year I present a program in 4 one day events presenting my craft for others to experience its transformational power at first hand. For deeper Inner Core work I hold Residential Integration workshops where I teach my craft through my Discovering the Stillness Within program. Teaching others how to create their Inner Stillness is the foundation stone of my work and is to me the vital first step to the understanding and integrating fully the Craft I teach.

I believe we must first look within and develop our own sense of self awareness to Illuminate and harness fully the healing power of my craft . In my Craft I teach others how to develop the presence of mind to fully integrate the deep soul support required to heal and eventually if desired to be of service in the Craft to our community. The Craft works as a powerful catalyst for change to challenge the recipient to step into their own power to manifest a lasting integrated Healing experience. Using the many skills I have developed through my own life experiences of conquering anxiety panic attacks low self esteem suicide ideation and depression allows me to fully empathise and truly connect on a deep soul level with those who seek me out. I work to guide and support people through their own unique inner Vision Quest journey of awakening to an illuminated awareness of self empowerment inner peace mental health and spiritual growth. I know the way as I walk the path of the wounded healer every day.

Having walked the path of the wounded healer in many lifetimes empowers me as a teacher of vast experience in my craft. The role I take in my craft is that of a Gatekeeper, Mentor or Guide to others who wish to unfold their own true individual unique path of self empowerment and self healing. I work in private practice with many clients worldwide online with great success.

I work internationally at many healing festivals as well as online providing private mentoring and healing sessions. Many of my clients and students testify that an online session with me is just as effective as the personal visit one to one. Some even say they can feel me in the room with them as we move through the session such is the level of empathic awareness that I possess. It can suit the client's needs time wise also especially when they live far away. Today my work continues as I am called to travel the world more and more sharing my guiding insights and support with others seeking Healing and Guidance on their Spiritual Path. I teach people how to create a sustainable place of balance and harmony within themselves by Discovering the Stillness Within. With Stillness comes balance that requires regular practice to reinforce and develop the self-awareness necessary for the community to connect in a more eco-friendly way to the planet we all live upon. My approach teaches how to nurture our Soul connection to our soul path. This is one path that will lead you to a more practical way of integrating Spiritual practice into your life. This practice will enhance your quality of life and reduces any unnecessary stress you may be experiencing in your daily life today. In achieving this level of practical self-awareness you can manifest a fulfilling life of peace, happiness and contentment.
Brightest Blessings of Brigit’s Illuminating Flame to all



Jackie Alvarez  San Diego CA.                                                                                                                 had suffered from very painful lower back pains since the age of 28, I am now 51. Went to the Chiropractor, did Acupuncture and the pain would go away for a few months and then come back. My sister told me about Dermot O'Hara and how wonderful his workshops were. I didn't have anything to lose, so I scheduled a private Soul Illumination Integration healing session with him. It took place in Chula Vista, CA. in the month of April, 2013. The healing that takes place is "out of this world", Dermot O'Hara and the sacred power animals spirits that help him are a Godsend for everyone. I truly recommend him .I remain to this day pain free.

Kathy Dolphin , San Diego, CA                                                                                                                      Dermot  has the ability to help focus personal awareness to the places needing the deepest healing.His soul retrieval works like nothing else in this world. We can all benefit from his objectivity since most of us are so closely stuck in our patterns that we can't see what is needing attention.His retrieval of my inner child from an early childhood automobile accident helped me to recover a part of myself that kept me from reaching my full potential as a singer.At age 61 after 30 years of singing and 5 years of voice lessons,I was finally able to drop my jaw and sing my high A with full gusto.Dermot's maturity, wisdom, empathy and kindness act as a catalyst for those who are ready to make changes.He is the real deal, a true shaman. We all need what he has to offer. 


Natalie Grigson‚Los Angeles CA
 Columnist for the Los Angeles Health Magazine..   

 It… Was… AWESOME. Last Sunday this party of parties went down at the Avalon Theater, from approximately 4pm to midnight. Now I’m not going to spend this entire post telling you all about the event that was amazing after all; and while I believe dancing the night away is spiritual in its own right, I have a feeling you guys are looking for something a bit more concrete. So. Let’s get down to business.I spent a good portion of my evening in the Healing Room on Sunday, where I watched some extraordinary things.  I’m going to focus on one amazing man in particular, Dermot O'Hara, the “Celtic Shaman from Ireland,” is, well, a Shaman from Ireland. He specializes in Soul Illumination Integration Sessions, Goddess Brigit’s Celtic Grove teachings Workshops and Celtic Fire Ceremonies.I’ve been hearing about Dermot O’Hara ever since last years festival. Apparently, he has quite the following—which I found out around 5:30 on Sunday when I went in to see him; he was booked until 10 pm. So I waited (mostly on the dance floor) and when I sat down across from him at 10:00 on the dot, I knew immediately that this fellow was worthy of the buzz.

“Alright, Natalie. I’m going to grab some water and when I get back, why don’t you tell me what’s going on with that right knee of yours?” He asked. Then he got up and left me to collect my jaw from the floor.  I hadn’t mentioned anything about my knee; I’d hardly had time to tell him my name. When he sat back down, I closed my eyes, and much like a Reiki healer, or any other type of energy healer, really, he moved his hands, hovering over different parts of my body. Occasionally he’d ask me to breathe in or out deeply, and he’d do the same, making a sort of leonine noise in his throat. He focused a lot on my right side, my hips, my lower back, and my lower stomach. And then at the end, he did something—I don’t know what, as my eyes were closed, and I could only feel the air moving from his hands before my face—but it felt like he was pulling something out of me, like an elastic band that had been too tight this whole time, but I’d never noticed.The greatest part about my experience with Dermot was this last bit. When I opened my eyes, I expected him to do that thing that most healers do—you know, tell you about how your energy is terrible, or how you have these pent up issues, or, basically, make you feel like crap about yourself, but it is okay, because they are just trying to free you from it. You know, that thing.But he didn’t do that. In fact, he very practically, gave me some self-massage techniques to help loosen up the muscles on my right side, that are effecting the way my knee works.,So if you’re interested in meeting with a world-renowned healer I absolutely recommend getting in touch with Dermot.

The Wizards Of Inchicore 1937 Here are my two Great Uncles in action doing tea leaf readings way back. I had the pleasure of growing up with these two jokers by my side. Two of the most beautiful souls you could ever meet. I feel so blessed and lucky as they both still watch over me today along with my Dad and Grandparents. Back in the day these two beautiful souls would have been classed as deeply religious but today they would be seen as be deeply loving gentle spiritual men.

Like the many of the thousands of men who worked in the Inchicore Railway Joe and Frank had a great devotion to our Blessed Mother as they called her. This Goddess awareness was passed on to me with a lot more of the craft. These two men provided support for their local community in a way I would call secret love acts.They quietly went around Inchicore dropping food parcels to families who had fallen on hard times. From what I heard they were always a huge attraction at the Garden Fete every year as thousands would travel to this event and many would get a reading from the two wizards in the tea rooms on the day.My aunt Eileen Frankies wife always joked about how she dressed them up in bed quilts and curtains for the day. On my first communion my uncle Frankie predicted that I would become a priest, I said nothing that time. Some years later when I made my Confirmation Frankie again made his announcement but this time I was not having any of it. I contradicted him and said "No uncle Frankie if I do that then I cant have any girlfriends". Everybody had a great laugh including myself. Well years later how right he was about my vocation in the craft.
Today as they look over me they still like to play tricks on me around the house just to remind me that I am being looked after. How great it is to know they are all always there for me.


Written and sung by Dermot

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