Dermot O'Hara

 Dermot O'Hara miei miha            THE CELTIC SHAMAN FROM IRELAND 

I am a naturally born empathic intuitively developed Shaman,Healer,Teacher and Holistic Life Coach.I have worked professionally in my craft for over 30 years.My awareness unconsciously opened to me following a traumatic period in my life that manifested as a long dark deep darkness of depression in  my mid 20's.
This long period or dark night of the soul was the initiation into the craft I practice today.As we often say in the craft Physician heal thyself.

The impact of these events acted as a catalyst and I unknowingly found myself on the path of the shamanic initiate intuitively questing for a spiritual soul recovery within myself.

A large part of my inner journey of evolving was  guided for me  through dreams and visions as I uncovered my path from other ancient times to that of the Shaman's Apprentice.

My evolvement took many years for me to process and integrate into my present conscious awareness as I battled with my ancestral shadow and  demons.Over time I  learned how to manifest and sustain my inner awareness of stillness to calm and clear my mind from within.When I managed to achieve this  I would drop deep into a body numbing trance like state. Unknowingly I was  reawakening my  intuitive empathic skills as a Shaman. 

During my quest for answers I accessed different modalities of soul recovery work as part of my recovery.
Since that time I have continuously observed closely the inner process of the conscious unconscious development of our higher self awareness and how it can best be initiated and re-awakened to support the individual to 
integrate and manifest positive change in our daily life.

I have been walking the path of the shaman in many lifetimes.I am a teacher of vast experience in my craft guiding others who wish to unfold their own true individual unique path of self empowerment and self healing.
I work with many clients worldwide online with great success.

I also present workshops and teach Spiritual Meditation in my program  Discovering the Stillness Within. Mastering inner Stillness is the foundation of all my work. I believe we  must first look within and develop our own self awareness before we can Illuminate and harness  fully to healingh presence of mind required fully integrate the deep soul support needed to support  others.

I also present Shamanic Yoga as a powerful tool to facilitate the Integration of the Spiritual source of inner Healing.This along with my  Discovering the Stillness Within Meditation ,Journey of the Drum and Ancestral Family Healing program of core personal healing  the process is completed. 

My  work is that of the Shaman a powerful catalyst for change to challenge the initiate to step into their own power to manifest a lasting integrated Healing experience. Using the many skills I have developed through my own life experiences of conquering anxiety panic attacks low self esteem suicide ideation and depression allows me to fully empathise and truly connect on a deep soul level with those who seek me out. I work to  guide and support people through their own unique inner Vision Quest journey of awakening to an illuminated awareness of self empowerment inner peace mental health and spiritual growth.I know the way as I  walk the path of the wounded healer every day. 
Change is not something we embrace easily so in my the teachings I present  you with achievable realistic goals as the first  steps to supporting you achieve your balance of inner stillness.As you find your feet upon Mother Earth earth. you can begin to remember how to hear your own inner guide gently re- awakening you consciously to the true potential and the power you hold hidden deep within you 
to initiate positive change and healing within your lifepath.

I have over the years worked with many indigenous healers among their communities abroad and experienced first hand the craft that I had been guided into. As part of this work I am an International adviser to the Indigenous Education Institute U.S.A .I am  also  a member of the Irish Hypnotherapy Association.

My first work involved  founding the Clondalkin Holistic Healing Centre in the suburbs of Dublin in 1993. Back then I recognized the great need for this facility in my area. From there I went on to share and teach the awareness of Inner Stillness through my Discovering the Stillness Within Programme. This was the first programme of it kind involving the process of Ancestral family healing,Integrated cognitive mindful thought and emotion process work of its kind in Ireland. Most of this work evolved through what my clients presented in my residential weekend workshops over a period of 19 years.

Since my own recovery took place back in the 80's I have always wanted to assist others in achieving the same breakthroughs in their own soul/ higher self recovery process as I had .To this end I was motivated to open the first complete Holistic Healing Centre providing the  widest range of therapies ever under one roof in Ireland for 
the community of the South West Dublin area. 

Later in the 90's I went to New York with the idea of twinning the Clondalkin Centre with the Source of Light Centre in Manhattan.

In 2000 Years  I moved the Centre to  South William Street in Dublins city centre. I stayed there and continued my work before opening the Rainbow Medicine Lodge in Athlone in 2001.

Many will remember this from the late Gerry Ryan's radio show when we had the official opening live on air with Brenda O'Donoghue. This was set up a safe place of refuge for those recovering from Depression, Suicide Ideation, Domestic violence, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Sexual Abuse. Back then there were not many safe places people could go to to deal with these issues in Ireland as most of this work was still deeply hidden and buried and many victims were still being controlled by shame and fear. Happily this has changed a lot since those early dark days and a lot more light has been shone on this whole area of soul recovery.

These days I mostly work  internationally as well as online. From time to time when the demand requires I hold my nationwide clinics.Many of my clients will testify that an online session with me is just as effective as the personal visit one to one. Some even say they can feel me in the room with them as we move through the session such is the level of empathic awareness that I possess. It can suit the client's needs timewise also especially when they live far away.

To day my work continues as I am called to travel the world more and more sharing my guiding  insights and support with others seeking Healing and Guidance on their Spiritual Path.I teach  people how to create a sustainable place of balance and harmony within themselves by Discovering the Stillness Within. With Stillness comes  balance that requires regular practice to reinforce and developing the self awareness necessary for community to connect in a  more eco friendly way to the planet we all live upon. My approach  teaches how  to nurture our Soul connection to our soul path.This is  one path that will lead you to a more practical way of integrating Spiritual practice into your life. This practice will enhance your quality of life and reduces any unnecessary stress you may be experiencing in your daily life today. In achieving this level of practical self  awareness you can manifest a fulfilling life of happiness and contentment.

Brightest Blessings of Illumination always


Written and sung by Dermot

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