Dermot O'Hara


Ancestral Family Healing takes us into the families collective psyche to deal with the energetic memories of this soul group. Addiction, Depression Anxiety can all come from a place of trauma and so the trauma need to be addressed not only on an individual level for recovery  but also at the source on a collective consciousness level.To achieve this we go to the core of the collective mind conditioning of the family to release it from the root. Often the root is shrouded in a dark cloak of denial fear  guilt and shame,buried deep within the collective unconscious.Trauma is an energy that acts out from a place of fear. We can only begin to access the family lineage timeline for healing  after we learn how to hold ourselves in the present moment to move past our discomfort otherwise we quickly learn to  be at ease in our dis-ease.The first step in achieving this is learn how to still the monkey mind.Discovering the Stillness Within teaches you how to achieve this. I will present 4 evening classes free online from my facebook page
Dermot Shaman O'Hara Classes start on Wednesday Sept 25th @7.30.If we are not already connected there just send me a friend request and I will include you.  Brightest Blessings of Illumination Dermot
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