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Explore the seasonal and moon time shifts and their relevance to our pscho /sensual mental/emotional balance Learn how to achieve achieve a  healthy balance of Mind Body and Soul as you explore the Soul Illumination and Integration process taught by Dermot when you connect within  to the Celtic wheel of light process. 

Develop the Goddess awareness of our planet invoking CELTIC GODDESS BRIGIT to your work. Step into the path of the Tuath De Danann ,The Shining Ones and walk the path of the Ancestral Healers. Learn how to integrate the seasonal wheel of change as the seasonal ceremonial initiations that invite us to evolve and continuously grow.
Learn how to Develop your abundance of limitless potential to create the happiness joy and success you deserve in your life. Explore you power song and develop your inner connection. Learn to work with the Healing Power of the Four Quarters within the Celtic Wheel of Illumination Process©

Explore the seasonal and moon time shifts and their relevance to our pscho /sensual mental/emotional balance Learn how to achieve achieve a  healthy balance of Mind Body and Soul as you explore the Soul Illumination and Integration process taught by Dermot when you connect within  to the Celtic wheel of light process. 

Extracts from Dermot O’Hara’s new book which will be launched later this year, 

The Forbidden Truth

SOUL SLEEP The Forbidden Truth©2014  Chapter 4 Shamanism – A Global Reality –  Long before printed articles, the words of the ancients elders were respected and they were seen as the  wisdom keepers among many civilizations. Here in Ireland our Druids held the responsibility of advising and guiding the people of our land.

 Recent studies by anthropologists have discovered that shamanic conscious awareness began to grow as the human psyche evolved through the ages. Recent discoveries of cave art has revealed  this to us. In these we see the first images first used to express the Shamans’ perception and understanding of reality. These drawings have been dated at over 35,000 years old. They graphically present the Shamans’ awareness of the connection between our human psychical perception of reality and the animal kingdoms to the World of Sprit . In other words these cave artists were the seers and gatekeepers to the garden of Eden connection or as I like to call it the Rainbow connection.

 Totem Power Animals are the mode of communication used by the Shaman to commute with the Spirit World. This channel of communication is opened via the trance state with the drumbeat to access the wisdom and guidance required to guide the community and its leaders to create a harmonious reality in tune with the natural surroundings of that land .

 Shamanism teaches us that we must respect the duality of Humanity and Nature of (God/ Goddess) awareness in balance within ourselves and the reality we collectively create. When this balance is lost we suffer in many different ways. We must learn to co-exist and not try to dominate Nature as this represents within us all the very sacred essences of life. When we as a soul group on Earth achieve this level of duality we will individually and collectively affect our reality  bringing it into balance, harmony and peace.

 The word ‘shaman’ comes from the Ancient Tungusi-Manchurian dialect dating back many thousands of years. It does not originate from the First Nations people of America as many may believe. The worldwide practice of what is now described as Shamanism is and always has been a Universally connected awareness of Spirituality via our Earth Mother connection. Part of this awareness is to Drum ourselves into a non-ordinary state of mind (trance) to commune with the otherworld of Spirit. This is achieved by altering the brainwaves and convincing the brain that we are asleep. By inducing an awakened dream state we can travel along the matrix of different realities. This awareness and practice is globally acknowledged and used by all indigenous cultures around the world to heal and harmonise mind body and soul.

It is the same everywhere because it is the one planet that we shamans all share. We hold this perception of our interconnectedness within this and all other realities to be Sacred.

This, I believe, is why each culture has its own unique style of Drum. Their are different styles and shapes but they all connect to the same source. We who work as shamans are seers and visionaries we commune with the Spirits of our Ancestors as oracles or mediums ion behalf of our communities. In ancient villages we provided the responsible role of elders and initiators of the rites of passage to the young teenagers ,hand fasting, naming and cross over rites were other roles the shaman carried out for the community. The soon to become Adults would cross through the rights of passage under our guidance.

The Shaman was also responsible for holding an integrated respectful core within the communities Spiritual collective perception of reality created, shared and lived by the villagers. In this sacred way the social structure of the village manifests a reality of connectedness, respect and harmony based on respect and support and not control or fear. An old African proverb says, ‘If we don’t initiate the boys they will destroy the village’. We see this disconnected behaviour with many of our young men here in Ireland. It is around us all the time. Here for many years and hence we have a massive suicide problem among our young men because they withdraw from this reality and implode.

Shamans are harmonisers, we bring connection. stillness and respect to all situations. We initiate the young into their power and instruct them in the way of the peaceful warrior. These teachings can in many cases assist in the self empowerment and   personal development of our young people before they become disillusioned and self destruct because of their perception of the world around them. It is this initiated connection/ vibe that draws so many to the entertainment industry. We can see clearly where the Shamans of  old have been replaced by the modern sound systems and the samples of various rhythms and the vibes of the nightclub scene. So what is this vibe, or connection, as I like to call it?

To me, a full-time working Shaman, I see it as the language of the individual soul connecting into the Universal Spirit present in the communal connectedness of the gathering. This happens when we come together and drop our walls to share or celebrate a common goal, be it a festival, sporting event, concert, community day, wedding, handfasting ,christening or naming ceremony. The music and most importantly, the drum, are the basis of the connection to the vibe. The vibe is of course the connection that we as a community crave on a Spiritual level. Because we neglect this part of our souls growth, our soul begins to starve and we become disconnected in a soul-fragmented perception of reality called normal. This is why so many have to turn to alcohol before they attend a social gathering or dance. These are supposed to be places of free expression and movement but sadly so many are not free in either their minds or bodies so they have to resort to drugs such as alcohol to feel safe to  move themselves and simply be .How sad it is that so many need to numb their bodies before they can even  try to commune with their sacred essence or each other while struggling to be present in either a public social level or privately on an  intimate level with others.

The Shaman works outside of normal reality in what is called non-ordinary reality. In this reality we hold and perceive balance, harmony and world peace in our hearts and minds for our people. So the Shaman has the ability to create ceremony and hold sacred space where the human need to connect spiritually is satisfied on a soul level. In modern society it is that something we spend our lives looking for. We don’t know we have it when it’s there but we know something is wrong when it’s not there. The trouble is we do not know where to look or what to do when we lose it. As U2 and Bono sang ‘stuck in a moment’ and ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’, many become stuck in past experiences, unable to see through their fog of denial and the numbed-out emotional pain of soul sleep.

 This is where the Shaman comes in temporarily and becomes the eyes and soul connection for the seeker. The Shaman lifts the fog and reconnects the soul on a universal, spiritual, individual and earthly communal level. This reconnection is called soul retrieval. I myself have developed a practice, a form of Shamanism I call Soul Illumination and Integration Healing. I use dreams, imagery, dance, yoga, trauma release, past-life regression, clinical hypnotherapy ,breath work ,toning and chanting to support fully the re integration of the souls recovery  process. Some also require rites of passage to fully integrate the process fully  into their conscious awareness and support the individuals soul awareness to sustain itself in a permanent state of recovery. I call this process Ancestral Family Healing and I perform this for my clients as a follow-up to the rites of passage.

From my own personal experience as a former professional bass player I know how important the drum is to the whole vibe connection. Both the bass and the drum are called the engine room. Together they create the undercurrent or energy that drives the vibes or feeds the connection on which the melody is carried. I recall a wonderfully gifted Irish musician, the late Rory Gallagher, who played in a band called Taste. There were just three in the group: Rory, who was the lead guitarist, a drummer and a bassist .Oh  wow could Rory take you places with his gift. I believe truly gifted souls such as Rory and many others before him   were actually Shamans accessing their journey via the music they created  for their community of fans.

 The Shaman’s melody is not heard with the ear but the heart. The drumbeat is of course heard but it is the gentleness of the vision in the Shaman’s heart that creates and holds the melodic connection of souls in a harmonious world perception of our reality.Just like these two master craftsmen the Shaman’s role is to act as the conductor, weaving the vibrational sound of healing and connection to the souls that come to the gathering or individual session. This connection is reinforced by the importance of our grounding to Mother Earth and the relationship to our totem power animals.

Sadly, many lose their soul connection to addiction in the process of chasing that higher connection using stimulants. The connection the soul craves doe not integrate or sustain itself as the process is totally dependent on the stimulants taken to replace the drive of the shaman’s vision in drumming the rhythm of life. This is where the two experiences move in different directions: one is motivated on a soul level to create harmony and peace within the spiritual connection of the community, whereas the other is motivated purely by greed and ego to manipulate power and create profit.

All of us, as a community, pay for this drug-fuelled entertainment that results in addiction, suicide, alcoholism, medication dependency, soul loss, depression and over- flowing hospitals. Drug or alcoholic-induced states of  trance are of no particular use to the soul. The old medicine people of the Lakota Nation of America prefer the old way of fasting and  ceremony. They say it is the purest and most beneficial way to clear the mind and free the soul before performing the Sundance ritual .A hallucinogenic called  Peyote was introduced to them many years ago. Many of the elders refused to use it as they felt it was taking a short cut that did not bring learning, healing or an integrated lasting awareness. Unfortunately, today our young people are initiated by the television and not the Shaman’s vision of a harmonious reality based on respect for all living things. Many creative Souls have blessed us on this planet with their creative gift of music storytelling imagery and acting .To me they are like a modern day Shaman. They are visionaries with a great gift but because they did not receive the proper initiation from the elders, they sometimes become disillusioned or exploited in a commercial way. We can see how many spiritually expressed themselves within the music industry to bring their message of healing to the world  for us.

If life has soul, then rhythm is the heartbeat of  the soul. Around the world we see many different cultures and traditions all using rhythm and sound to unite in community. For everyone the common bond is the beat of rhythm. I see music as a shamanic universal language that crosses all the cultural and religious divides. Shamanism and music unites, politics and religion divides. It’s that simple: this is the message of the ancient traditions of our now quickly growing global village
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