Dermot O'Hara


Dermot O' Hara 
The Celtic Shaman
The Shamans Journey of the Drum  

The Illumination Integration Process 
Discover  and develop your inner Healer. Come and learn the skill of Soul Journeying to access altered  shamanic states of consciousness to retrieve lost fragmented Soul Parts. Heal your Family Tree and break the chains of negative mental conditioning that cause addiction and depression for so many . In many socities there is often a hidden collective found  that is rooted deep within the psyche of the collective  that prevents many from completing their  soul  illuminating integration connection of recovery.
Often within the family of origin Soul Fragmentation is accepted as a norm .This is  very often reinforced by the collective negative experiences that were impacted on our ncestors and anchored in the children from conception to puberty by the family of origin.This is why Puberty rites of passage for our young people is so important as it supports the child to individualize and develop the self awareness and self worth required to grow into their own unique  power to create a successful life of   peace and happiness.
 Meet and work with Dermot O'Hara  Internationally acclaimed natural born 

 Soul Illumination Integration Healer,Dream Reader and Teacher
 The Celtic Shaman 
Learn the skill of Shamanic Journeying and Soul Rescue from a true crafts person with over 25 years experience. Discover how the Shaman travels to other dimensions of awareness within the matrix of Universal awareness. Expand your consciousness and learn how to perform Soul journeying for yourself and others. Explore The Shamans Journey of Healing within the elemental Natural world around us. 
Dermot is a natural born intuitive empathic healer with over 25 years experience dedicated to the development of his craft.  Come and learn  how to Drum rattle  Chant and dance to experience your souls illumination of its physical mental integration balanced within the inner marriage of Duality. Dermot's unique way of presenting will  guide you to the Garden of Perfect Peace awareness  found within the wisdom of our ancient Celtic Alchemy  of Goddess Brigit's  Grove of Illumination.  Explore your Chakra System in relation to Soul Integration and the relevance of it to your own intuitive psycho /sensual Soul Connection.  Learn how to remove/extract energetic resistance and heal cellular emotional blocks from within the physical  and energetic body. Learn to scan the energetic centres   of the chakra  energetic system for blockages. Develop the inner awareness to access and support while trauma is releasing from the unconscious cell memory of the body. Learn grounding techniques to reduce stress  and maintain balance of  Mind Body and Soul for yourself and others.
Full programme of 4  Workshops includes one private session with Dermot prior attending the workshops
Classes are strictly limited to 15 students to assure maximum attention support and respect is provided for each students individual process. 
The  Sweat Lodge ceremony  is optional        

Workshop 1

Workshop 2 
Ancestral  Family Healing 

Workshop 3
Brigits Celtic Wheel of Initation

Workshop 4
Working with Power Animals and Spirit Guides

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