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Shamanism teaches that we are all connected by the web of life spun by the Universe. To day Quantun Science is now finally admitting that there is something else out there that holds everything together. I call this the  Gods Glue.Within the Druidic tradition its know as the Awen. The First Nations Medicine people of America call it the Web of life  or Sacred Hoop.Eastern teachers call  it  Chi.

It can also be described as Love. We all need love, attention, and nurturing. I believe that by holding  space for people to gather in a harmoniously balanced environment,it enhances their ability to access this love connection that harmonizes our Mind Body and Spirit. This allows us all to explore, experience, integrate, heal and therefore grow in self awareness. We can all learn from each other and our past history but we need not be victims of it.
Here at the Celtic School of Shamanism we encourage everyone to  have a  hands-on learning experiences. This fosters  Inner Peace, Personal growth and Spiritual awareness. I believe that positive reinforcement is important  to develop self-esteem and ultimately a positive life experience for all. We all need an environment that supports free expression and stimulates learning development and personal growth. Most importantly, I believe that we  need to have fun! With this in mind we  hold  Drumming  Fire Ceremonies Rites of Passage and Training Workshops .

 The mission of the school is to provide a space to promote a collectively responsible eco- Earth based Spiritual awareness of how community can  benefit by working towards  creating  sustainable global reality in harmony with Nature. Anyone who saw the film Avatar will have seen the images of a place in harmony created by the vision held by it creator David Cameron .Our world needs Story tellers and Visionaries like David to have the courage in these times to make a stand and guide us into the changes required  to collectively  manifest a sustainable way for us to live in harmony with each other and our Planet Mother Earth.
Changing perception  it the first point of change and  for this to happen we need new imagery that these gifted visionaries and storytellers can provide.When the seeds of new imagery is planted they will soon bear fruit in the world around us.When we look at the world around us we can see the type of seeds that have been sown in the past and the type ot reality we have collectively manifested.

 The philosophy or seeds of our schools Celtic Rainbow teachings are simple .
The Rainbow represents the different cultures races and spiritual beliefs of the world all coming together in understanding their differences with respect for each others beliefs. Its only when the different colors  flow side by side do we get the beautiful pattern woven by the Rainbow.In doing so we can all learn to show flexibility  and respect for our differences as the Rainbow bends to show patience compassion acceptance compromise and  flexibility. The vision of the Rainbow  promotes a respectful  understanding to facilitate each others colors around it  supporting the vision of  the whole community. When this is achieved enlightenment will come to our reality. This will create a beautiful pattern of color representing the 7  main chakras of spiritual awareness all in balance.We hold this vision  in ceremony as the power is directed to raise consciousness beyond our  human ego ridden minds. The teachings of our school embrace the bigger global picture encouraging all communities on the planet to embrace the  perception that Peace and harmony can exist between all communities.

Many find life stressful and pressures of financial worries are causing many great distress. Peace of mind is something we need to  cultivate from within  for ourselves and our children.We need to show them that it is  not something we can buy over the counter in a bottle or capsule.Medication is not the answer Mindful Stillness Meditation is. Nature holds the  remedy  and the power to heal   the ailments we humans  create.
Natures nurturing teaches us that there is a way for us all to learn how to reconnect to the truth of our Ancestors original Spiritual teachings of respect and harmony without the need for power and control. 

 We honor  and respect that there are many different approaches to this work. By recognizing this  we  respectfully in service to our communities approach  this work using  different songs chants and dances from around the Global Village that we have become. The world is now in a time of embracing the global Rainbow village Vision that we are all fast becoming a part of. This is how the planet will survive for the coming generations of our children.
In truth we have always been connected in the garden of  the Creator .

Divide and conqueror  that is the  ego driven philosophy religions  have over the years preached and taught  in our  schools.This was encouraged, promoted and   planted the seeds of a siege mentality of fear mistrust separateness disconnection  from each other. This had left us with a legacy of soul  splintering bitterness and negativity benefiting nobody but those preaching it to stay in power.We are now in a better place to plant seeds  of encouraging mutual respect  connection and support for each other on the journey to  peace and harmony.We to day have the information available to us to implement change in our lifetimes we to day have the ability to make  informed  decisions. Today is  the time to break this dark fog of the past and lift it from our collective psyche .Its a time for change a  time to plant new seeds of positive hope for the future generations.  

BY DERMOT O HARA miei, miha

Shamanism is not a religion it is an ancient belief system that respects all others and works to create harmony between all within this reality known to us as creation. Shamans worldwide know that all things are connected by a sacred power and that this power   lies within us all.There are many different names given to this power as there are different religious belief systems here within our Human perception of creation on our planet Mother Earth.
The Shamans belief of creation is exactly the same as the Christian belief that God is the Creator of this World. In the Shamans mind all things come from the Creator this is the central theme of Shamanism. Hence  shamans have always known and taught that when we are in balance we have the power to create the reality we experience.When this reality is not supporting us we simply journey within and make the necessary balancing adjustments to bring us back into harmony and in doing so change our experience within our current  reality.This process is very much like Mindfulness practice Its all about being centered and observing the thought process and how it is either supporting or taking away our balance of Mind Body and Soul in the reality we experience around us. This awareness has never been a secret to us on the path but to many new to this alchemy the books all seem to hold new information.There is nothing new in anything we teach here it has all been around forever.Its just that mainstream commercial driven groups like to sell it to you as a new breakthrough in spiritual awareness etc. The ancients have known since the beginning of time .Sadly in many lands these herbalists and healers were persecuted tortured and murdered for their practices.Because of this repression in to-days modern normal society we Shamans see a great disconnection from this reality and hence it appears to have become a repressed truth or secret only available only to a chosen few who easily manipulate it and become quite wealthy in the process. It is the Shamans role within all communities to promote connection truth harmony and peace between all the different beliefs and traditions by teaching respect. Teaching respect for others and their right to be of a different traditional cultural or religious belief is the basis for peace. In this way shamanism teaches us all to grow in peace love and harmony on Mother Earth 
We begin to awaken and empower ourselves when we realize that we are the God / Goddess creator of our experiences and that our connection to the web of life is within us.This is the Shamanic way of Initiation to the Ancient wisdom taugh by our Ancestors. These are the teachings we hold at the school and who knows maybe someday we will see them taught in all our schools and  finally we will wake up to make this world a better place for us and the coming generations.

The world begins to heal around us as we ourselves take responsibility for our own healing. 

My work is dedicated to supporting you to  develop and integration o harmonious balance of Mind Body and Soul.We call this  process  Soul Illumination Integration Healing . Brightest Blessings of Illumination Dermot
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