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Sweat Lodge  Ceremony

The Lodge is a living sacred presence ,a reflection of all creation and so should be respected as such.The Sacred way of the Lodge and its power to instill balance and purification can be experienced and explored .The Lodge experience is an essential part of any initiation into the practice of Shamanism and understanding of Shamanism.

Here is one Students experience;

On the evening of the Lodge there was a huge storm brewing,we were not sure if Dermot would go ahead with the Lodge. This was the last of four days fasting and our third night to sweat together. As you can imagine we were quite weak.The evening grew dark and a flash of lightening lit up the sky. Just then I saw a ball of blue light like a comet crash into the land between the Lodge and our tepee. I knew from this sign that the lodge was going to go ahead. All through the ceremony as we prayed and sang you could hear the thunder beings answer our prayers. It was truly a coming together of all the natural elements of the Creator . For me personally it was a life changing experience I will hope to experience more of these heart and mind opening experiences in the future as I look forward to learning and experiencing my lessons from Mother Earth and her Sacred the Lodge Ceremony….. Laura Dublin

Recent studies by Anthropologists have discovered that shamanic conscious awareness began to grow as the   human psyche evolved through the ages. Recent discoveries of cave art reveal this to us. In these we see the first images used to express the Shamans perception and understanding of our reality as we create it. These drawings have been dated at over 35,000 years old. This wisdom was never a secret. It has been around for a very long time and sadly repressed with Goddess awareness.

These early drawings graphically presented the Shamans awareness of the dual connection between our Human psychical perception of reality and Mother Earths Animals Kingdom. This awareness of duality presented us with a portal to   the Spirit world. Early Christian teachings call it the garden of paradise. In other words the Garden of Eden connection or as l I like to call it the Rainbow connection.

Totem Power Animals are the mode of communication used by the Shaman to commute with the Spirit World. This channel of communication is very much like the Christian mode of using angel’s just different imagery/messengers carrying the same message the shaman opens this portal of communication with the drumbeat to access the wisdom and guidance required to support the community and its leaders to create a harmonious reality.

Shamanism teaches us that we must respect our duality of Humanity and Nature of (God/ Goddess) awareness in balance within our reality. When this balance is lost we suffer in many different ways. We need to learn how to co exist and not try to dominate the Goddess of Nature. To do this means we are damaging the very essence of the soul connection that exists within us all. The sacred essence is our duality that holds the ability to perceive the portal required to manifest our existence within the garden of life. When we as a group achieve this level of duality we affect our reality and bring it into the balanced illuminated awareness of our very essence of light harmony love and peace.  

The word Shaman comes from the Ancient Tungusi-Manchurian dialect dating back many thousands of years. It does not originate from the First Nations people of America as many may believe. The worldwide practice of what is now described as Shamanism is and always has been a universally connected awareness of Spirituality via our earthmother Goddess connection to the garden potentially within us all. Part of this awareness is to drum ourselves into a non ordinary state of mind (trance) to commune with the otherworld of Spirit. This is achieved by altering the brainwaves and convincing the brain that we are asleep.

By inducing what I call the awakened dream state we can travel along the matrix of different realities. This awareness and practice is globally acknowledged and instinctively practiced by all indigenous cultures around the world to heal integrate and harmonise mind and body with our soul’s universal connection.

It is the same everywhere because it’s the one planet that we shamans all share in the conscious awareness of the globally connected reality/village. Together we work to hold this perception of our connectedness within this an all other realities. By inducing an awakened dream state we can travel along the matrix of different realities. This awareness and practice is globally acknowledged and used by all indigenous cultures around the world to heal and harmonise mind body and soul.

It is the same everywhere because it’s the one planet Mother Earth that we shamans all share this conscious duality awareness of the global village’s God/Goddess reality. As a practicing shaman I hold this perception of our connectedness within this an all other realities. I work and pray every day for us all to move towards this with the intention that someday all peoples on our planet will achieve this level of perception and make our world a better reality to be in for all. The power for change lies within each of us.

This I believe is why each culture has its own unique style of Drum. Different styles and shapes but they all connect to the same source.

Those who work as shamans are the seers and visionaries. In ancient villages Shamans held the responsible role of initiators of the rites of passage to the young adults and the inception of the Spiritual harmonious collective perception of reality shared by the whole initiated community within their village. This way the social structure of the village manifested a reality of connectedness (The Rainbow connection) respect and harmony. From there the newly initiated adults were honoured and supported in developing their own individual uniqueness to walk the dual path of harmony in the Garden of Paradise as fully integrated souls in a human body. This balanced connection to the dual polarity of positive and negative via God and Goddess awareness is sustained and protected in within the initiate’s human reality by regular ritual, ceremony, imagery and storytelling by the elders of their village. To day we use newspapers tele vision and politics.


By Dermot O’Hara 

Long before printed articles the words of the Ancients Elders were respected and seen as the wisdom keepers among many civilizations.

 Here in Ireland the elders of the community were known as Druids. In our ancient  gaelic language An Dru translated to The Oak as in tree. The local Druid held the responsibility of advising and guiding the people of their community/village all the way up to the Court of High King of Ireland. The King himself was expected to hold and display a strong intuitive awareness of his and his peoples duality .To this end each year he performed a ceremonial union with the Goddess of the land. In ancient times these spiritual beliefs and practices were formed and supported within a matriarchal society where both male and females were treated and respected as equals within what was known as the Brehon laws. 

The Brehon law system is reputedly the second oldest recorded law system after Sanskrit. Brehon Law was maintained in Ireland as an oral tradition for at least one thousand years. As new cases occurred new poems were added to the body of law ensuring the law was in synch with ever-changing life. Brehon law is a natural law system based on the sustainable principle of common sense, Common law is based on precedent, and international law is based on common law, and Brehon law has precedence over both by virtue of the fact fifty ancient law texts survive, as manuscripts copied from seventh and eight century originals. These copies were made between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries at which point the Old Gaelic order finally collapsed after the battle of Kinsale. 

The Gaelic leadership consisting of kings, chieftains, herbalists,healrs, poets, scholars and soldiers all agreed after defeat at Kinsale to leave Ireland. This is known as the “Flight of the Earls”.  

In exchange for relocation and no more resistance they were promised that their now leaderless, vulnerable, people would be spared by the crown forces.

 It is recorded that as soon as the Gaelic ships were out of sight, the whole-scale slaughter of the remaining Gaels commenced and with it the final annihilation of the primeval woodlands of Ireland which had been the bedrock of the Gaelic order for so long. 

 The context for the sophisticated Brehon laws was removed and replaced by  Common Law.that placed material objects (property, goods, man-made objects, profits, etc) over and above living entities.  Brehon law placed people, life and nature above property. 


An old African proverb says...If we don’t initiate the Boys they will destroy the Village...We see this disconnected behaviour with many of our young men here in Ireland and elsewhere around our world. It is around us all the time and it needs to change by us planting the seeds of sacred imagery and ceremony.


Shamans are harmonisers we bring connection stillness and respect to all situations. It is this connection/ vibe that draw so many to the entertainment industry.  We can see clearly where the Shamans of old been replaced by the modern sound systems and the samples of various rhythms and the vibes of the festivals and night club scene. If so what is this vibes or connection as I like to call it. To me a musician performer artist actor and full-time working Shaman I see it as the language of the individual soul connecting into the Universal Spirit present in the communal connectedness of the gathering. This happens when we come together to share or celebrate a common goal .Be it a festival, concert, community day, wedding, or christening. The music and most importantly the drum are the basis of the connection to the vibe. The vibe as I call it is of course is the connection we as a community crave for on a Spiritual level. Because we neglect this part of our growth it begins to starve and we become disconnected in a fragmented perception of reality called normal. This is why so many have to turn to alcohol before they attend a social gathering festival night club to party. These are supposed to be places of free expression and movement but sadly so many are not free in either their mind of bodies so they have to resort to Drugs such as Alcohol etc.

The Shaman works outside of normal reality in what is called non-ordinary reality. In this reality we hold and perceive balance harmony and world peace in our hearts and minds for our people. We teach how to move beyond the dependency of drugs to be free to express our uniqueness.

The Shaman works outside of normal reality in what is called non-ordinary reality. In this reality we hold and perceive balance harmony and world peace in our hearts and minds for our people.

 Shaman has a natural born ability to create ceremony and hold sacred space. In this space human need to   connect on a spiritual level is satisfied on a soul level. I call this the Illumination integration process of awareness. In modern society it’s that something we spend our lives looking for. I call that something the illumination process or wake up call.

 It’s that something we don’t know we have because of our lack of conscious awareness of our balanced soul connection within duality. Because of this lack of awareness/sensitivity do we recognise that something is wrong? Only then do we become aware that our duality (balance of mind body soul connection) is no longer with us. The trouble is we do not know where to look or what to do when lose it. In ancient times we went to the shaman or medicine person. Sadly to day many fall into anxiety depression denial and addiction out of fear or ignorance. As U2 and Bono sing... Stuck in a moment...I still haven’t found what I am looking for. Many become stuck in a past unbalancing experience that ruptures their balance of duality not able to see through their denial and numbed out emotional pain of disconnection .I call this Soul Fragmentation


This is where the Shaman comes in temporarily and becomes the eyes and soul connection for the seeker. The Shaman crosses over by entering trancelike awaken dream state to reconnects with the lost soul parts on a Universal Spiritual level. The Shaman then acts as a bridge and coaxes the fragmented parts to cross back over under their protection. They are then reintroduced back into the awareness of the fragmented person... This reconnection is called Soul retrieval. I myself have developed and practice a form of Shamanism I call Soul Illumination Integration Healing. This is very much shamanic as I use Dreams, Imagery, Dance, Trance, past life regression, Breath and Voice work Shape shifting Soul travel and chanting to initiate and fully complete the Souls reconnection process. 

For many this can also require rites of passage to fully integrate the process into conscious awareness and support the awareness to hold. I call this   process Ancestral Family Healing and I perform this for my client’s as a follow up to the Rites of Passage.


In this process many experience deep times of grief as old past repressed emotional wounds and losses are finally grieved and closure is completed. The challenge here is like the rites of passage as we are challenged to move from of place of fear in our past as children to a place of empowerment as responsible empowered adults in the now.

This is where we can either empower or disempower ourselves by blaming and projecting out. This leads us back into our familiar safe comfort zone of denial.

This is how we get stuck in the denial of the original loss of soul connection and rather embrace resentment and anger towards our past experiences of someone who hurt us.

JOURNEY OF THE DRUMOF THE DRUM   With my own personal 

 OF THE DRUM   With my own personal experience as a former professional bass player working closely with the drummer in the band was essential to the grove and cennectedness of the sound. I know how important the drum is to the whole vibe connection of grounding and integrating fragmented soul parts. I call the The Drum along with the Bass the engine room of the band. Together they create the undercurrent or energy that drives the vibes or feeds the connection on which the melody is carried. I recall a wonderfully gifted Irish Musician the late Rory Gallagher. He played in a band called Taste. There was just him a drummer and bassist and wow could he take you places with his gift. I believe truly gifted Souls such as Rory and many others are actually Shamans accessing their journey via the music they create for their community of fans.

The Shamans melody  behind the drum is not heard with the ear but the heart. The drumbeat is of course heard but it is the gentleness of the vision in the Shamans heart that creates and holds the melodic connection weaving the souls back to a harmonious collective world perception of our reality. To me we will never see two more sensitive creative shy soul than that  of Rory Gallagher. True to his craft and community of followers.

Just like the master craftsmen the Shamans role is to act as the conductor weaving the vibrational sound of healing and connection to the souls that come to the gathering or individual session. This connection is reinforced by the importance of our grounding to Mother Earth and the Goddess connected relationship to our Totem Power Animals.

These days of course this is replaced with the DJ with their mixing desk, alcohol and other stimulants needed to take the rigid numbed out mind to a place of so called freedom. Sadly for some this can be a short lived and unsustainable experience. Many in their efforts have discovered that there is a costly price to pay for this soul-less process. Governments globally see Health costs spiralling out of control because of this. Many fragmented souls require stimulants   In order to reconnect and they become heavily dependent on the unsustainable high to feel good about themselves.

Because of this many lose their soul connection to the addiction in the process of chasing that higher connection while stuck in a soul fragmented addiction. Sadly the connection the soul craves does not integrate or sustain itself as the process is totally dependent on the stimulants taken to replace the drive of the shaman’s vision in drumming the grounded balanced sustainable connection to rhythm of life.

This is where the two experiences move in different directions one is motivated to create on a soul level harmony and peace within the spiritual connection of the community. Whereas the other is motivated purely by greed and ego to manipulate overpower and create profit.

We all as a community pay for this drug fuelled entertainment that results in:

Addiction, Suicide, Alcoholism, Medication dependency, Soul loss, Depression and Over flowing hospitals.

Drug or alcoholic induced states of ecstatic trance are of no particular use to the Soul. The old Medicine people of the Lakota Nation of America prefer the old way of fasting and the Sweat Lodge ceremony. They say it is the purest and most beneficial way to clear the mind and free the soul before performing the Sundance ritual. Peyote was introduced to them many years ago and many of the elders refused to use it as they felt it was taking a short cut that did not bring learning, healing or an integrated lasting awareness.Sadly to day our young people are initiated by the tele vision not the Shamans visions sacred imagery and storytelling of a harmonious reality based on respect for all living things. Michael Jackson was a modern day Shaman he was a visionary with a great gift but because he did not receive the proper initiation from his Elders he was exploited in a commercial way and you can see where our society took him. You can see how he still managed to spiritually expressed himself within the music industry to bring his message of healing to the world to us all. All of us here need healing all of us here need to feel and believe we are loved. If life has soul then rhythm is the heartbeat of life.  Around the world we see in ancient times many different cultures and traditions all using rhythm and sound to unite in community. For everyone the common bond is the beat or rhythm. Its that simple there is no need for dogma. Music is our spiritual communicator no matter what language you speak music and the drumbeat can and will unite all. This is why so many use music and write a song to let go an old relationship or loss. So many then identify with the essence of the soul now pouring out from a deep place of connection in their grief that it becomes a hit all because that writer could get pass their fear of reconnection and managed to express it outwardly. What makes it a hit is that so many others relate but keep the lid in and maintain control of their normal programme. As we say the lights are on but there is no one home.

The truth is we are all connected and have just fallen asleep and forgotten how to re awaken from our disconnected dream state known as NORMAL. I call this Soul Sleep

When we wake up from our soul sleep and realise we are living a lie and in a prison we ourselves have mentally created we almost immediately remember how to connect again with the love source of all within and around us. This new awareness supports us to sustain our new perception of reality until finally enough of us hold it collectively to manifest peace on earth for all.  

I teach this process through my Discovering the Stillness Within Meditation  Programme.

Music is a shamanic universal language that has still managed to cross all the political cultural and religious divides created by us humans. Shamanism and Music unites, politics and religion divides. It is that simple this is the message of the ancient traditions. It is time for us all to wake up from our soul sleep to join our quickly growing Global village reconnection. Everywhere people are waking up from their Soul Sleep.

Book extract 

Soul Sleep The Forbidden Truth©2019

Dermot O'Hara ©2019


Learn how to create, hold and protect Sacred Space. Explore the healing power of the Drum and how it works as a healing tool in Shamanic practice .Delve into you
Dreams with Dermots expert tuition to develop the skill of  Dreamweavery

Experience the Grounding and Integrated  awareness required to empower you in creating  strong healthy boundaries that will continually support you in breaking  
the  dependency so many create with their teachers . These Boundaries are supported and  required to maintain and hold your Sacred Space .By doing so you avoid 
being infected and manipulated by outside influences. This is something that is found very often within many support groups that fail to maintain integrity and  
encourage dependency instead of self inner exploration individualization and empowerment over ones own unconscious fears.

Explore the trance awareness required to hold and maintain the space required to assist others and yourself to find your centre and realign your chakra system.
Learn to become the eye of the storm and not the storm. Reconnect to your Power Animal/Guardian Spirits Guides and learn how to call and work with your 
Animal Guardian Spirit.


Explore the Chakra System in relation to Soul Integration and the relevance of it to our own Psycho Emotional Soul Connection.  Learn how to remove/extract 
energetic resistance and heal cellular emotional blocks from within the psychical boby and chakra system. Develop the inner awareness to access and support 
while trauma is releasing from the cell memory of the body.Learn grounding techniques to achieve and maintain balance of Mind Body and Soul. 

Discover  and develop your inner Healer. Develop the skill of Soul Journeying to access altered states of consciousness to retrieve lost fragmented Soul Parts 
from the recent past and previous lifetime experiences. Heal the Family Tree and break the chains of addiction depression and collective soul loss often found 
within the family of origin.

Meet and work with Dermot O Hara  Internationally acclaimed natural born Intuitive empathic Shaman ,Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher. Learn the skill of Shamanic 
Journeying and Soul Rescue from a true craftsperson.  Discover how the Shaman travels to other dimensions of awareness within the matrix of Universal awarness. 
Expand your consciousness and learn how to perform soul journeying for yourself and others.


Explore the seasonal and moon time shifts and their relevance to our pscho /sensual emotional balance required to achieve an integrated connection within  
to the Celtic wheel of light process. Develop the Goddess awareness of our planet invoking Sile na Gigs Druidic Priesthood of BRIGIT to your work. Step into the 
path of the Shining ones and walk the path of the Ancestral Healers. Learn how to follow the seasonal wheel of change as the seasons initiate and invite us to 
evolve and continuously grow. Develop your abundance of limitless potential to create the happiness joy and success you deserve in your life. Explore you power 
song and develop your inner connection. Learn to work with the Healing Power of the 4 Quarters of the Celtic Wheel of light Process©.

Full programme of 4 Residential  Workshops includes accommodation food and training with Dermot. Classes are strictly limited to 15 students to assure maximum attention  support and respect for each students individual process is maintained.
The Sweat Lodge ceremony is optional at an extra cost of €35.00. A non refundable deposit of 200 euros is required to book your  place on this programme.

Advanced Practitioner Training

  A 5 day intensive training programme 
Supervision is provided for the duration of our advanced training programme.Potential students who apply must have successfully complete the Shamans Apprentice Foundation Course or an equivalent level of training elsewhere before being admitted to this programme.
A Practitioners Cert. will be presented to each student on successful completion of case studies.Once they  have clearly shown under supervision and during  
training the necessary discipline skill and application required to hold the vision of the Rainbow teaching in their heart.


To book a place the full payment is required in advance
This is a Intensive core workshop. Dates and venue only available on application
To apply for a place email


Meet and work with Dermot O Hara Shaman Psychic Medium,Clinical Hypnotherapist,Healer and Teacher.Learn the skill of Shamanic Journeying and Soul Rescue.
Discover how the Shaman travels to other dimensions of awareness within the matrix of the Universe.Expand your consciousness and learn how to perform 
soul journeying for yourself and others. 

The Workshop covers:

Instruction in the powering up of Drum and Rattle, Learn Soul Singing, Shape shifting and Dreamweavery for personal healing. This is a great way for anyone 
wanting to explore the Shamans way of healing. It may also help you make your mind up if you think that maybe this could be the path for you.

Anyone wishing to take to the spiritual path of the ancient ones will find this workshop of great assistance in making their own mind up as to which road they 
wish to explore as part of their own Spiritual path.

Your teacher and facilitator Dermot is a natural born Shaman he has taught this awareness for the past 25 years here in Ireland and abroad. He is a gifted 
Psychic Medium , Intuitive channel and Spiritual Healer. He holds the position of International Advisor to the Indigenious Educational Institute USA and is 
a member of the Irish Hypnotherapy Association.

Dermots provides private one to one services from his nationwide clinics in Ireland.
His readings are wonderful tool for anyone seeking Spiritual Guidance. He frequently holds workshops and clinics in Cork and ,Clonmel Tralee Galway and Belfast.
During the course of the workshop you will receive full instruction in the powering up of the Drum and Rattle. Learn Soul singing and the language of Dreams for 
personal healing. Discover how Dreams assist you in breaking old patterns of behaviour learnt from our family of origin. Often these unconscious patterns play out 
over and over in our lives preventing us from moving on to experiencing happiness and success in our relationships and career.When we act out these patterns 
we soon discover that we are not coming from an empowered place but a place that has us giving our power away through co-dependency, 
addiction and fear.

Explore the basics of Shamanic Healing and our CELTIC WHEEL OF LIGHT PROCESS.This process of initation links you into the powerful healing rays of the 
CELTIC GODDESS BRIGIT and MOTHER MARY. Explore the Celtic Goddess Wheel of Initiation as taught by Dermot.He himself had this process taught to him in a 
vision he experienced over 30 years ago at a Sacred Shrine. This work reconnects you to the Universal power of the changing seasons. Activates and renews 
your Inner Power to free your ability to manifest Joy Harmony and Peace for you and your loved ones.
Make Contact with your Angelic Guardians, Power Animals, Spirits, Teachers and Guides and learn to follow the path of the Rainbow Shaman. 

Dermot teaches this process in exploring Body Movement Sound and the Breath connection to our earth sky relationship within the Universal connection of unconditional 
Love. This is manifested when we become tantrically aware of our Earthly Psycho Sensual connection to our psychical reality around us as Spiritual beings.

Learn how to achieve deep Healing Meditation to balance and clear your chakras.

The Inner Marriage discover how to balance and integrate your Emotional Spiritual and Physical bodies.Learn Dermots Rod Well dowsing method of Soul Integration 

How to power up your Drum and Rattle for Journey and healing work.

Learn Soul Singing, Shape shifting and Dreamweavery for personal healing. Learn the art of Dream weaving as Dermot demonstrates the basic principles of 
Dream Interpretation This is a great tool for
anyone wishing to explore the Shaman’s way of Healing
Explore how Dreams assist you in breaking old patterns of behaviour learned from our family of origin. Often our unconscious patterns play out over and over in our 
lives preventing us from moving on to experiencing happiness and success in our relationships and career. When we act out these patterns we soon discover that we 
are not coming from an authentic self empowered place of self but a place that sees us giving our power away through repeated failed relationships, projects, 
jobs etc caused by co-dependency, addiction and fear.

Anyone wishing to take to the spiritual path of the ancient ones will find this workshop of great assistance in making their own mind up as to which road they wish 
to take as part of their own Spiritual journey. This process of initiation links you into the powerful healing rays of the CELTIC GODS. Explore the Celtic Goddess Wheel of Initiation as you cross the bridge stepping out of the past influences of our history .Come and  CROSS THE BRIDGE and step 
into The Union of your Sacred inner landscape with Dermot
In this process we will explore the fear so many hold around change and why we refuse to step out of addictive behaviour and the impact of our family and National 
Ancestral influences have upon us . Dermot himself had this process taught to him in a vision he experienced over 30 years ago at a Sacred Shrine. This work reconnects you to the Universal power of the changing seasons. It activates and renews your Inner Power to free your ability to manifest Joy, Harmony and Peace for you and your loved ones. Make Contact with your Angelic Guardians, Power Animals, The Higher Beings of light, Elementals of the Goddess, Teachers and Guides and learn to follow the path of the Rainbow Shaman.

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