Dermot O'Hara

    Advanced Core Illumination Integration Healing

Explore Advanced Core Illumination Integration work with Dermot as he takes you on an amazing journey of self healing and awakening to your true self and the source of spiritual oneness within creation.

Come and learn how to create the sacred space to heal, regenerate, transform, purify, release and reconnect deeply within the core of your very being to illuminate your soul connection.

Dermot is an intuitive empathic channel who allows his body to be used for the sacred healing presence of light to pass from the highest vibration of illuminating love to manifest the Advanced Core illumination Integration process.

Dermot invites you to join him and learn how to anchor this sacred alchemy within to fully integrate it consciously within your mental psychical and spiritual awareness to anchor it within the present moment. This process has the power to manifest  positive change within and around you.

Dermot has taught this work worldwide for almost 30 years now and dedicates his work to the sacred alchemy of the Ancient Celtic Goddess Brigit and her powerful illuminating Flame. This ancient Celtic Soul alchemy of fire has been carried through the craftsmen within Dermot's family for 14 generations. Brigit's Flame of Illumination brings with it a powerful integrative process of deep core healing to all who learn to create the sacred flame of illumination within.

This ancient wisdom is held deep within the ancient ancestral lineage so sacred in Ireland for many generations past.

Dermot himself is the 15th generation of crafts people in his family to work with the Flame. Just as his ancestors did working the craft of the Blacksmith. Dermot has mastered the craft and holds the ability to tap into this ancient sacred alchemy know to those who are linked to this lineage through the Ancestors.

Come and experience the healing power of unconditional love and illumination that awaits all who are open to embracing change and heal the ancient wounds of our families ancestral past.

To access our true potential as illuminated light beings occupying the human bodies we carry today we need to explore our own individual rites of passage to enter the illuminating Integration process to heal, clear and release old behaviors, mindset, traumas, pain, blockages, stagnation, and limitations to rejuvenate the cells of our body and create harmony within our mind body and soul.

The Advanced Core Illumination Integration process takes you to your own individual place of self empowerment and deep personal transformation.

Dermot specialises in trauma healing to release deep tissue cellular memory. If you are finding it difficult dealing with trauma, anxieties, emotional pain or blockages or are seeking to release and clear 

old belief systems or behavior patterns from your mind, body and soul then its time to experience this powerful cleansing process under Dermots expert guidance.

This work will also help you greatly If you are looking to re connect spiritually with yourself on a real soul level

Dermots 30 years of experience of working in the Self-Awareness and Personal Empowerment  field ensures that you receive the highest standard of support and follow up work required to achieve your desired goals.

Cellular Memory holds and stores impressions ie. the issue is in the tissue. From our birth, family dynamics, society, cultural conditioning, ancestors, etc we form patterns and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us as we experience it from our earliest years. For many the first impressions go deep within our psyche up to the age of 7 and leave a deep impression either positive or negative depending on what we go through in those most vulnerable years.

These experiences help to form  our individual perceptions of reality and can be misleading us on a path of self doubt  depression suicide ideation and addiction depending on the level of fragmentation we experience in our early childhood days. 

All this may put us on a path of fear or love depending on what we experience and learn to hold/bury deep within at this vital time of developing our sense of self image. By replacing old ways of thinking and behaving with new more positive self image we can effectively re pattern the thought process by opening closed neural pathways that can rewire the brain function to new ways of perceiving our place in the world around us.Truly amazing things can manifest when implemented with Dermots approach to the integration process of Healing.

This process will affect every aspect and level of your life. So please understand that this work should not be taken lightly and you should only consider working with Dermot if you want to fully embrace real change in your life.

The effects are long lasting and the process of Advanced Core Illumination Integration Healing and transformation can take you on your own personal inner vision quest.

This process over time brings you to a deeper spiritual connection with your higher wisdom to manifest a deeper practical understanding of what inner peace is and how it can be maintained by you in your daily life.

Does your energy crash sometimes

Do you sometimes feel depressed for no reason

Do you struggle with Addiction

Do you sometimes sleep badly and wake up heavy and drained

 Are you dissatisfied with your career or relationship.

Do you feel you need to experience better health

Do you need more energy.

If you find your condition mentioned here then maybe you need to think strongly about exploring 

 The Advanced Core Illumination Integration Healing process. 

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