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Here is a lovely testimony that was written up on a treatment I gave at an  expo in Los Angeles

Talking Spirituality: The Celtic Shaman


Last Sunday this party of parties went down at the Avalon Theater, from approximately 4pm to midnight. Now I’m not going to spend this entire post telling you all about the dancing (which was awesome), or the food (delicious), or even the amazing souls I met from all over the world throughout the evening  No this column is about trying different spiritual practices, after all; and while I believe dancing the night away is spiritual in its own right, I have a feeling you guys are looking for something a bit more concrete.

So. Let’s get down to business.I spent a good portion of my evening in the Healing Room on Sunday, where I met all kinds of delightful people and saw all kinds of weird shi—er, watched some extraordinary things.  I’m going to focus on one amazing man in particular, Dermot O'Hara.

Dermot O'Hara, the “Celtic Shaman from Ireland,” is, well, a Shaman from Ireland. He specializes in Soul Illumination Integration Sessions, Brigit’s Celtic Oracle Readings, Spiritual Mediumship Readings, Workshops and Celtic Fire Ceremonies. What’s all that? I don’t know—I’m just telling you what’s on his business card.

I’ve been hearing about Dermot O’Hara ever since last years festival. Apparently, he has quite the following—which I found out around 5:30 on Sunday when I went in to see him; he was booked until 10 pm.
So I waited (mostly on the dance floor) and when I sat down across from him at 10:00 on the dot, I knew immediately that this fellow was worthy of the buzz.

“Alright, Natalie. I’m going to grab some water and when I get back, why don’t you tell me what’s going on with that right knee of yours?” He asked. Then he got up and left me to collect my jaw from the floor.

I hadn’t mentioned anything about my knee; I’d hardly had time to tell him my name. When he sat back down, I closed my eyes, and much like a Reiki healer, or any other type of energy healer, really, he moved his hands, hovering over different parts of my body. Occasionally he’d ask me to breathe in or out deeply, and he’d do the same, making a sort of leonine noise in his throat.

He focused a lot on my right side, my hips, my lower back, and my lower stomach. And then at the end, he did something—I don’t know what, as my eyes were closed, and I could only feel the air moving from his hands before my face—but it felt like he was pulling something out of me, like an elastic band that had been too tight this whole time, but I’d never noticed.

The greatest part about my experience with Dermot was this last bit. When I opened my eyes, I expected him to do that thing that most healers do—you know, tell you about how your energy is terrible, or how you have these pent up issues, or, basically, make you feel like crap about yourself, but it is okay, because they are just trying to free you from it. You know, that thing.

But he didn’t do that. In fact, he very practically, gave me some self-massage techniques to help loosen up the muscles on my right side, that are effecting the way my knee works.

Unfortunately by the end of the evening, I didn’t have any cash left to donate to Dermot (The event is a free festival, but donations are suggested for the healers), so I hope that perhaps with this column, I can make it up to him.

So if you’re interested in meeting with a world-renowned healer—and apparently a hypnotherapist, life coach, actor, and musician for that matter, I absolutely recommend getting in touch with Dermot

Namaste, everybody


Do you ever experience low energy?
Do you sometimes sleep badly?
Are you dissatisfied with your Career or Relationships?
Would you like better Health?
Would you like improved Sleep ? 
More Energy
More Confidence
If your answer to all of these is yes then Core Illumination Integration Healing is for you,
 A Soul Illumination and Integration consultation takes 2 hours. In the session Dermot guides you with his intuitively emphatic awareness through many different aspects of your Life Path. For many the session becomes a Rites of Passage initiation to a place of empowered awakening and self empowerment. The purpose of this is to discover and remove limiting beliefs that may be causing you problems in your life path. Using his skill as a natural healer,medium shaman and seer Dermot will guide you to work out your higher self's blueprint as chosen by your for this life path.

Dreamweavery is another tool that Dermot expertly uses to gain insight into your situation. If you don’t remember your dreams Dermot will use his emphatic mediumship ability to gently access your healing process and expertly guide you on your path. having practiced in Ireland for over 25 years. Dermot is is highly skilled in his craft as a Holistic therapist and Shaman. Many of our problems relate to our past fearful or emotionally charged experiences having been for most unknowingly repressed within our unconscious mind and psychical bodies.  Often these become locked away below conscious awareness in the unconscious cellular memory of the body.  This can cause a limiting belief system to take root within the unconscious part of our mind causing disturbances and imbalance on a mental and psychical level. From this disturbance many different parts of the mind body and soul connection can become disconnected resulting in stress and the list of symptoms mentioned above. The medical profession today recognize that over 85% of illness is caused by stress. This stress is caused by soul loss and fragmentation.  Dermot’s work of soul Illumination integration healing has been developed by him over the past 32 years.  Soul fragmentation can sometimes result in psychical discomfort that causes depression /anxiety/phobias etc.  With soul integration and Illumination healing you are gently guided to release blockages from your psyche and  cellular memory of your body. This can restore balance harmony and joy to your mind body soul connection.This assists in the manifestation of an inner calm that smooths out your life path for you and the future generations of your family.


Sometimes our problems can stem from a past life or birth trauma experiences.Recent scientific studies in the US show that 86% of people suffer some trauma during birth.Of these 38% is considered mild and 48% is rated extreme. The release /extraction process assists soul parts to reintegrate and heal the person. The extraction process assists in releasing blocked energy/fear from the cellular memory of the physical body.  Soul reintegration returns lost life force/soul parts, often unconsciously repressed i.e. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.Regression therapy  has the desired effect of helping to create a much calmer happier confident successful person.  Something we all desire and deserve.  So why not treat yourself to a session today.
                                                        SPIRITUAL HEALING

The chakra system is a series of energetic centres that exist within our aura they interact between our spirit and psychical body through our endocrine system. The endocrine system is a series of glands that line up with our chakras. Each of these glands is responsible for secreting various chemicals into our blood stream. This in turn effects our behaviour, perception of reality and the functioning of our brain. Chakra balancing and clearing can be achieved by either using regular practice such as meditation or by going to a healer.

When you go to a Spiritual Healer Divine energies are channelled to various chakras to bring them into balance This balance has a calming and warm soothing effect on the psychical body inducing a sense of deep relaxation.
The life force and immune system is recharged restoring balance and giving a sense of confidence calmness and well being to the person receiving treatment.

For this to successfully take place it is necessary for you to have an open mind. It helps if you tell yourself that you wish to be in harmony Mind Body and Spirit. Sometimes more than one treatment is required.

People receiving this treatment gradually feel an improvement in
their stress levels concentration and sleep patterns over time.Regular practice of Mindfulness Wellbeing is also  recommended to sustain this level of balance.
Recent scientific studies show that 86% of people suffer some trauma during birth.Of these 38% is considered mild and 48% is rated extreme for the child. Dermot's release /extraction process assists  soul parts to reintegrate and heal the person on many different levels.  The extraction process assists in releasing blocked energy/fear from the cellular memory of the physical body.  Soul reintegration returns lost life force/soul parts often unconsciously repressed and masked by stressful behavior or addiction i.e. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder .Dermots Birth Trauma Release  works by helping to create a much calmer happier confident successful person.  Something we all desire and deserve.  So why not treat yourself to a session today
Chakras or energy centres have been around since the beginning of our creation.Many eastern ascended Masters taught about their inportance on a spiritual level. In a chakra balancng session many issues can be touched upon and revealed by the inbalance presented  when a chakra is blocked. This displays to the healer an inblance or suppressed energetically charged memory buried deep within the clients psychical and psychis bodies.This is called cellular memory.When the energy flow to these areas is improved very often the client can experience a deep emotional as well as energetic rush moving through the body as the inbalance is released.For many different reasons we store up old wound and losses and numb the body out to maintain them in a suspended state of spiritual anmesia repressing the old hurts deep within the psychical and mental bodies.This does over time create stress that can  lead on to deep emotional and mental anguish and in a lot of cases addiction for those who cannot or do not know how to let go and recover.
When Dermot Increases the flow of energy to balance the chakra system,it is very much like the way same way an automobile  mechanic would tune up the cylinders and plugs in an automobile tomaximiose performance. Chakra check ups and balancing is a Spiritual tune up service proveded by Bermot is his sessions.


Ancestral Healing and Rites of Passage from the lineage og our Families is something we all ned to constantly work on while we are here on the journey.Ancestral influences can do and cause os to recreate old experiences and dull our perception of our reality.Much of what I work with in the Ancestral area involves unconscious patterning of behavior and beliefs that are often rooted deep within the collective psyche of a family and in sometimes a whole nation going back many generations.

When we explore deep within the psyche of the family tree we find that most beliefs were planted long before we were even born here. Because of this they can manifest as relationship difficulties Addiction,Depression and Mental Health Issues.

The cause of many of these difficulties can be sourced and resolved within the Ancestral lineage.Quite often we choose to re-enter the same family lineage for more than one incarnation and even plan to reincarnate in the same Soul group for many generations constantly setting out to fulfill our Soul contracts to resolve old issues by returning to the same family for more than one incarnation to heal old wounds in order for us to move on and evolve.Having personally experienced this process through Spirit I am now in a position to facilitate this process for others. Ancestral Family Healing is a process that assists in resolving the process for souls to move on to the next level of their awareness.

Soul Exchange and Retrieval session  differs in many ways from mainstream holistic work such as Reiki because it works on a deeper level accessing addressing and releasing the cause and not just the symptoms. Soul Illumination and Integration healing is not someting you should take lightly and it should not be confused with mainstream healing modalities. It is a powerful primal trans formative integrated process of Soul Work performed by Dermot.
Opening your Gateway to 
Discovering the Stillness Within
Dermot has been teaching his Discovering the Stillness Within  meditation program in Ireland for over 30 years .He has now brought this skill together with his Clinical Hypnotherapy  to develop his Mindfulness Wellbeing  Programme. Mindfulness Wellbeing is a program taught by Dermot  in a way that will  assist you in accessing your fullest potential on all levels of awareness. Dermot's approach to the work of Mind and Body Awareness Skills and Spirituality work hand in hand to assist you in acieving your goals and most importantly your Soul purpose .
Within each individuals aura lies the blueprint of their Souls Pathway.This is the path your higher self requires that you follow. The aura not only holds the key to your future happiness but also carries within it influences and experiences from this and previous lifetimes. For us to achieve fully our potential to become happy we must first address heal and release these past unconscious influences.
Dermots unique skill in Soul Pathway Readings can assist you in locating and isolating the core of many of the problems that seem to creep up and restrict you from moving on and growing in success, prosperity and happiness. During the reading Dermot will assist you in seeking out the core influences that may be causing you difficulty on your lifepath to reaching your fullest potential and ultimate happiness.  

Trauma and Soul Parts work involves the discharging of emotional builds ups from repressed traumatic events from within  the client.Very often these energetically charged memories can be unknowingly and unconsciously repressed and stored chemically within the tissue and muscle of the physical body.To maintain this freezing of memory and emotion many turn to dysfunctional    behavior and self medication/numbing in the form of addiction.This in some way helps in the maintenance of the numbness and a sense of safety for the survivor but rarely if ever does it lead to healing or closure.This behaviour simply keeps it all under wraps in a vicious circle of negativity

Rainbow tantric healing deals with the seven main chakra energy centres.Just like a rainbow each colour has to be in balance wit the others for the harmony to exist and the warm energy of the rainbow to glow out.he source that supplies the glow to the colours requires that all seven colours of the rainbow are fully connected otherwise the source connection fades and so does the immune system of the physical body.he centres are connected equally to the Universal life flow or chi when the connection is not in balance between the spiritual and physical worlds them we create a block in our emotional and physical bodies that requires extraction and illumination before the source connection can be restored.This restoration when achieved brings balance and sensitivity back to the physical body in the form of a psycho sensual connection of the physical  and emotional bodies  restoring harmony of mind body and soul

 Mediumship is not fortune telling as my great uncles did back in the 30's Mediumship is a service of support for those grieving the loss of loved ones and finding it difficult to reconcile themselves wit the loss of a loved one.The service I provide presents positive evidence and proof that our loved ones are still around and more importantly are very much at peace. Many find great healing during these sessions as they also learn how their loved ones on the other side still wish to support them and guide them and assist them in way they never could before. Sometimes a parent has regret and wishes to get closure with the living before they pass over fully.


Drum to awaken the dream state of the mind to manifest a better reality of positive experiences.Learn how to explore the awakened dream state of the Shamanic practice.


The initation process in modern society to day falls very short of the psycho/spiritual support and development required for a young soul to fully integrate into its individual process of self empowerment. Because of this many young people find their development  hampered and their ability to develop into fulfilled empowered adult individuals stifled with no sense of connection to community.Because of this we produce teenagers full of internalised repressed silent unconscious fear resentment and anger. This resides so deep inside that many become stiuck in a perceived society with its mind jamming programs of conformity to being normal. Many young men find themselves frustrated and muted by society. Many feel there is no where to go for real soul connection.

Dermot's Ceremonies and Gatherings answer the call of these frustrated repressed Souls who are seeking light support and Questing for the inner strength to stand in their own individual truth to explore their spiritual direction within a spirit of love and community.

An old African Proverb says;

Sadly in our world to day many of our young men choose to internalize their frustration and feeling of dis empowerment within.This is because we have a society that refuses to honor the ancient rites of passage to initiate the young men. Instead the young men turn their feelings of dis empowerment and anger within our male dominated ego driven society inwards and burn themselves through anti social behavior addiction and suicide.They do this because Society has lost its soul connection and cannot intitiate and properly integrate these young souls into this reality. Because of this many young people  feel they are lost in a reality where they have not been accepted,  fully respected or initiated by  the elders of the  community as real men.It is time to make the changes in our society to address this growing problem globally.Spiritually empowering communal ceremonies of Rites of Passage is the start.

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